Regarding CAN mini PCIe for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

Dear All,

I am able to use two CAN interfaces of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier. But for my application, I need at least 4 CAN Interfaces. Therefore, to increase the CAN interface on Xavier, I want to add a CAN mini PCIe card on Xavier. The selected product link is given below:

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to connect the CAN mini PCIe card to Xavier PCIe?
  2. Are there any other simple ways to increase the number of CAN interfaces on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier??

Any kind of help to solve these questions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks, everyone.


Md Anayatullah

Hi muhammad,
Check in Xavier TRM Manual PCI specs and check this device spec if it can be plugged in.
Check in kernel upstream if there is driver for the same. Then you can plug in this device and load that driver.

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