Regarding RMA for Jetson Nano

I have bought the Jetson Nano on August 4th, 2019. Of course, the kit I have bought is been over a Year. But, there was an issue with a Jetson Nano from the last 3 months. I have been trying to resolve with the help of Moderators in the forum since June(please refer to this (Jetson Nano Not Turning On). Since June I am facing the issue with Booting the Jetson. Also, I have not used Jetson Nano for many times (Not even for a month).

Having said this, I have applied for an RMA for board Yesterday, but the Customer support team replied that the board bought is been over a year and the warranty is only for one year from the date of purchase.

Kindly help me with the further steps to resolve this.

Best Regards,

Hi darshancganji12,

Sorry for hear that, due to we didn’t hear your further comments, not sure if issue got resolved totally or not, thus can’t help to dig out if require RMA.

So your device can get into recovery mode, but still get “OOPS” with your SDKM?

Hi @kayccc,

Thanks for your response. SDKM Worked fine. But due to some other work, I would not able to spend time resolving that and after some months I raised another thread with the same issue in the Forum(Jetson Nano is not turning ON). The Moderators finally suggested to go for RMA.


Hi darshancganji12,

We customer support team will contact you for the next.