Regarding Rogue Carrier Board AGX 202 Type C issue and Battery power issue

Hi, Guys.
Recently I just bought the ORIN with Rogue Carrier for NVIDIA®.(

Firstly, there’s a problem with the battery power. When the device boots up using battery power, there’s a significant voltage drop between the Vin and Ground. This voltage drop only stabilizes once the device has entered the Linux system. It’s worth noting that this voltage drop occurs specifically during the UEFI boot process. My battery spec is 12V with 15Ah, the maximum output current is 10A.
Secondly, there’s an issue with the USB Type-C port. When I connect a USB-C to USB-A female-to-female adapter, the keyboard and mouse that are connected to the adapter do not work. The type c otg is normal when in recovery mode. I am able to flash the jetpack to it without any issue.

Please refer to the video for the voltage drop when booting.(AGX202 Power Issue.mp4 - Google Drive)
Anyone had encounter the issue before and had the solution on it?


Hi, please check with the carrier board vendor directly for such custom board issue.

Hello, I previously reached out to them for assistance but have yet to receive a response. I am curious to know if there might be a solution available on this forum. Thank you for your reply.

The USB Issue was solved by adding a USB Type C Male to Type A Female OTG cable.
But battery issues still persist.

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