Regarding running software and code on CUDA instead of CPU

How can I run my softwares and program on Cuda instead of normal CPU in Jetson TX2. As the program and softwares that I am using right now are running very slow on Jetson Tx2. So I wonder that they are not running on Cuda core.
Can you please guide me as to how I can make them run on Cuda core.

There is no automagic switch that you can flip and everything runs on GPU instead of CPU - and this strongly depends on your actual code. In case you are using a lot of numpy functions there are cupy and mxnet which - if your are lucky (because all numpy functions you are using are supported) - work as a drop-in replacement for numpy with minimal code changes.
In other cases you might find pycuda helpful, but as far as I understand this would require more code changes and rewriting functions…