Regarding the problem of no power on the jetson xavier board

My Jetson does not reboot after a short shutdown and turning it on to the power supply. The problem is very similar to the problem Regarding the problem of no power on the jetson nano devkit carrier board . It describes that the problem lies in the residual charge, which does not allow the power to resume on the Jetson. But there is no solution to this problem described there. Please tell me how it is possible to solve the problem with the residual charge

Hi, is your board the Xavier NX devkit or other custom board?

Yes, use Xavier NX devkit

As you can see in Design Guide as below, that is a correct behavior when run a short shutdown.

Power Rail Discharge
To satisfy the power down sequencing requirement and prevent unwanted back drive from the carrier board to the module, the following must be true:

The power rails should be fully discharged before attempting to power back up.

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