Regarding the problem of no power on the jetson xavier board

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Good afternoon,
We installed Jetson in the driver’s cab of a bulldozer excavator, there is not a very stable power supply network. Therefore, We connected Jetson to the UPS, thanks to this Jetson began to turn off less often, but still from time to time Jackson turns off and does not turn on automatically (as expected), apparently there are still short-term power outages.

Tell me, how is it better in this case to connect Jetson to the network or where can I get the recommended connection scheme? Thanks

I can’t give you a good answer, but do know that quality of regulation is more important in Jetsons than in many other devices. Your UPS idea is good, but I suspect it still has minor fluctuations in voltage. You could add a regulator to the UPS (depending on voltage of the UPS, perhaps buck or buck/boost). Then use a significant capacitance right at the connector. Are you using USB power? Or a barrel jack? If USB, then I recommend switching to the barrel jack (or whichever non-USB connector is used on a third party carrier board).

Often I would recommend a combination of capacitors right at the barrel jack. For example, a quality 0.1 uF tantalum, plus a 100 uF and 1000 uF electrolytic. The electrolytics work for slower fluctuations, while the tantalum works for shorter spikes (less inductance and internal resistance on the tantalum). This in combination with a quality buck/boost would likely help a lot.


A strong and stable power supply is the key. Maybe some big external capacitors are helpful here.

Good afternoon
Our Jetson Xavier was again unavailable via ssh connection, we can’t fully understand whether it’s a power outage or Jetson himself goes into some kind of suspended animation.
From February 9 to February 19, Jetson worked steadily for 10 days, then became unavailable again. Since the Jetson installation site is far from the city, we have to get to it for a long time to restart it. Therefore, we were able to go to him only a week later (February 26). When we arrived, Jetson’s lights and ports were on. We have unloaded the system logs from the device, judging by the logs it has been working all these days. Only after we restarted it via the button, it became available via ssh.
We have activated the daily reboot mode in the device at one o’clock in the morning.

Tonight Jetson became unavailable again,
tell me pls how else you can determine the reason for the unavailability of the device, perhaps there are certain hardware logs of the device by which we could understand the reason? (721.3 KB)
Uploaded system logs

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