Regarding unreliable detection of USB 3.0 host

Hello support,
In our carrier board, USB 3.0 pen drive is getting detected unreliably. Like out of 10 times, it misses detection for 2 times or so. We aren’t using any hub IC in USBSS lines & this port is brought directly from Jetson Nano to our carrier board.

There is no CM choke in USBSS lines & using ESD protection having 0.5pF per line. Kindly advise ahead.

Can it re-pro on devkit? If it is related to your carrier board, you can check the signal quality first, it looks like a hardware issue of your board.

We didn’t found this type of issue on dev. kit but I think dev. kit is using USB hub & we are using direct USBSS port of Jetson nano. We don’t have high speed scope as of now in our lab, it will take some time to rent & check. Till that any workaround or USB configuration you can suggest to check.

At least, you should be able to check the PCB layout file first to make sure the trace length, impedance and skew of USB traces are all in the requested range of Design Guide. And you can upload the failure log file to check.

I am already working on layout comparison with dev. kit & keep you updated on the same.

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