Regarding use of UART0 & UART1 RTS/ CTS signals in Jetson Nano

Hello Support,

We are designing custom carrier board for Jetson Nano where we intend to use flow signals for UART0 & UART1. Now both CTS/ RTS have “*” mark & pinmux says to check with NVIDIA for its usage.

Could you please advise if we can use these pins & what exceptions are in using pins marked with “*”.


hello jagdish.karamchandani,

Jetson Nano brings three UARTs out to the main connector.
please access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide and check [11.3 UART] for more details.

to summarize, here’re steps for using the Jetson Nano’s Pinmux spreadsheet.

  1. Download the pinmux spreadsheets from download center.
  2. Generate the dtsi file from pinmux spreadsheet. (you’ll generate 2 dtsi files)
  3. Copy these dtsi files to the ubuntu host
  4. Download the L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources.
  5. un-tar the sources package
  6. Overwriting dtsi files for building.

please also refer to Please check with Nvidia before using functions that end with a '*'? - #6 by shgarg,
you may ignore the statement in pinmux spreadsheets,

Hello Jerry,

Thanks for pointing this out. So does this means we can use UART flow signals straight away like other signals?

Also, if asterik “" carries no value then does it makes sense to remove them from datasheet & product design guide? I mean customer keeps looking for '” mark in notes below & finally one gets landed to note in pinmux.


hello jagdish.karamchandani,

yes, you may use the pins in the standard way.
I’ll also arrange resources to review this documentation revisement,