Regional Differences in AGX Dev Kit

Hi there, can I confirm that the regional differences for the AGX Dev Kit between the US version ( 945-82972-0040-000 ) and the other regions such as the one for Singapore ( 945-82972-0045-000 ) is only in the provided power cord?

If that is the case, please let me know the IEC power cord header type so that I can get an appropriate replacement ( )


From the linked list it is the C5/C6 coupler a.k.a “Cloverleaf coupler” or a.k.a “Mickey Mouse connector”

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@dkreutz Thanks for the information. However, I need confirmation that the Dev Kit in different regions has no other differences other than the power cord. Perhaps @dusty_nv or @prlawrence could help confirm this?

Please refer to this linkage: