Regional WiFi settings JTX1

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Is there anybody knows how to control a regional WiFi settings?
I means how to enforce a JTX1 to use only approved bands in chosen country?

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The modules sold in different regions have different firmware for certification in that region. I don’t think there is a way for the average access to change the firmware…or at least such edits are not supported. I am under the impression that the firmware is matched to region by the vendor of the module via where the module ships to.

We are international company, but we have a one manufacture facility in Europe for all the countries.
So if you are right, it might be a great issue for us.

But my supplier told me that I should not reflash a firmware for regional WiFi settings…

It may be that all of the modules you received are for where the modules were ordered to be delivered to. I would guess that you need to talk to the distributor you received modules from and ask them how they match modules based on point of delivery…and perhaps how labels or other information might indicate region.

Early on there was a firmware mismatch between WiFi module and drivers for a small subset of modules that caused high CPU use and some failure behavior on networking (this essentially caused the driver to use a different definition of the WiFi hardware interface than what the WiFi actually used). There was a software script used to test, but this was not a general script, it was for only the specific mismatch. For people with a mismatch they needed to RMA rather than flash. This leads me to believe that if your modules were all for one region…but needing other regions…then you’ll likely have to exchange some of them with the vendor for the regions you really need. There may also be a way to detect region via software, but this would not solve the issue if you need the firmware to be for some different region (you’d still need to exchange this with the vendor).

Hm, I’ve asked my distributor, he told me that it is not a question of the firmware…

My trouble is also that I don’t know which device for which country when I’m planning a manufacture batch…

Anyone know if there is a serial number or label on the TX1 module which might allow inferring which region WiFi certification is for? Or perhaps if software is necessary to find this information?

But I don’t know :)

I’m still waiting for the comments form NVIDA.

Hi LinuxDev,

I’ve surprised to receive an answer indicated that all the modules have the one firmware and part number for worldwide market… And that’s why all the customers can reuse even certification for particular countries…


  • As far I see in the let's say EU, Taiwan, China and Japan have only two 20MHz common channels...
  • At least EU regulation rules require testing of a whole device even WiFi module is tested. I know it well.

So, it seems something wrong with it…

Now I’m very curious since I know WiFi setup for various regions has to differ, probably within the module…someone will have to clarify. I was under the impression that firmware within the module was responsible for this region-specific customization. I don’t know how else it would be done.

The same impression.
Let’s see. I’m waiting for the answer.

Hi Alex_Sharapov,

We have clearly indicated what channels are supported by the world-wide SKU in the module datasheet:

We also have a compliance guide specifying what all countries we are certified for and how customers can leverage that:

The proof of certification for different region is also available in download center:


Thank you Kayccc!

Your comment is really helpful.

But according

Channels 802.11ac for example are not allowed in:

36 - Taiwan
38 - EU, Switzerland, Japan, China, Israel, Korea, South Africa, Brasil, Taiwan
40 - Taiwan
44 - Taiwan
46 - EU, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan
48 - Taiwan
52 - Taiwan
54 - EU, Switzerland, Japan, Korea

Please comment how we can get a legal permission to sell our devices with TX1 module in these countries?

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Hi Alex_Sharapov,

In this instance, it seems there is a mismatch between Wikipedia and official regulatory information.

You could refer to compliance guide specifying what all countries we are certified for and how customers can leverage that:

Jetson TX1 comes with targeted country safe OTP power table in the WLAN module. In order to use NVIDIA certificates for their own products, customers must use the same antenna type and equal or lower gain than what is used in the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit. Table 1 lists NVIDIA compliant countries, where NVIDIA has certifications, and whether or not they may be leveraged.

Hi Kayccc,

You must be right. Wikipedia is not reliable source, but it is only available.

Could you advise?

  1. How could I get an official regulatory information?

  2. How could I pass through a certification procedure for country that is not listed in your docs?

Hi Kayccc,

The regulation domains listed in your docs cover most of our target market area, but not all.

Please find a list of countries (where we have opportunity) by order of decreasing importance below.

I would appreciate your comments.

Swtzerland (CE or not?)
Turkey (should be covered by CE)
Hong Kong
Puerto Rico

The rest 5%:

South Africa
Norway (should be covered by CE)
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Costa Rica
Sri Lanka
Montenegro (CE ?)
Trinidad and Tobago
Cape Verde
French Guiana

Hi Alex_Sharapov,

The customer need to consult with a local compliance expert to get advice on requirements for their product. Every product is different and hence NVIDIA cannot comment on the exact requirements.
If some countries require more certification, then customers are advised to put a pre-certified wireless solution on their carrier board and not use the wireless on Jetson.


Thank you Kayccc,

It is clear.

I see two important things in this case:

  • What kind of docs are needed to pass through a certification procedure?
  • Does Nvidia intend to provide a customer like we with such docs?

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Hi Alex_Sharapov,

As my previous post, cusomter needs to consult with a local compliance expert/company to get advice on requirements for their product in different regions.

For current certified docs, you can find them from below:


Hi Kayccc,

I saw, but it is not enough to pass through certification procedure in country that is not listed in doc you mentioned.

Now I see that the problem cannot be solved for any case. I will try to solve it case by case and revert to you back as soon as I get some new details.

Thank you,

Hello Everyone,

To clarify on How do we as an OEM need to plan the procurement:

  • Do we need to get different Hardware modules as per the destination geography?
  • We need to get the world-wide compatible module do nothing else?

Also, How is Country code configured? Because I read on the forum that the country code cannot be configured. So it seems like we’ll have to procure separate hardware modules. Am I right?