Register NOW! The First Ever DPU Hackathon

Join the Event to Reshape the Future of Data Centers and Clouds

In the European DPU online hackathon, you can be part of the next AI-driven data center and cloud revolution! Get hands-on NVIDIA® DOCA™ SDK experience and take part in supercharging NVIDIA data processing unit (DPU) capabilities for AI, networking, security, and storage.

Work with other DPU pioneers, in a 32-hour hackathon to develop the future software-defined, hardware accelerated data center infrastructure on a chip.

You’ll build your innovative accelerated application, meet NVIDIA experts and mentors, and show what you can accomplish with NVIDIA DOCA, our new data center on a chip architecture.

Thanks to all of our participants! This was a huge success!

  • First place: MTS PJSC team from Russia (Akhlynin Victor, Galimyanov Ilya, Oleg Bobok, Victor Gamov, and Alexey Strekalovsky) – showcased an innovative, DPU-accelerated solution for ultra-low power (ULP) CDN edge deployments.
  • Second place: Cat & Mouse Team from the Netherlands (Cedric Both (Datadigest B.V); Tristan Suerink/Jouke Roorda (Nikhef); and Gemma van der Voorst / Wietze Albers )Nvidia NGCA Members) – developed a DPU-based, scalable, AI-accelerated Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS), running on NFV architecture.
  • Tied for third place:
    • The project team from Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany (Tobias Ziegler, Daniel Failing, Lasse Thostrup, and Matthias Jasny) – demonstrated an advanced remote access database structure in Database Management Systems (DBMS) powered by BlueField DPU.
    • The project team from GreyCortex in the Czech Republic (Petr Chmelar, Marek Brychta, Ondrej Kvasnica, Marina Volkova, Jozef Mlich) – demonstrated a DPU-based DDoS detection and mitigation system on top of DOCA.