RegisterAutoControlPlugin with NITO file error

Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux and DriveWorks 5.10

Hardware Platform


Unfortunately even with vendor support we couldn’t fix the issue with our LI-IMX-490 camera driver mentioned in this closed thread. The driver itself works when the ISP is disabled, but as we try to enable ISP with calling m_pCamera->RegisterAutoControlPlugin(uIndex, NV_PLUGIN, nullptr, nitoBlob) it fails. The RegisterAutoControlPlugin function returns NVSIPL_STATUS_ERROR and there is no further explanation in the docs what could cause this behavior.

Unfortunately even our vendor (Leopard Imaging) got stuck with this issue, so right now our Orin transition is blocked because of this issue.

Could you please provide some documentation or hint how to debug what can go wrong in RegisterAutoControlPlugin?

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Dear @AdamBalazsVay,
Let me check internally on how to support on this issue and get back to you.

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Is this issue specific to the LI-IMX-490 camera module? Who is responsible for developing the camera drivers? Since camera driver development falls outside the support scope of this forum, if Leopard Imaging is handling it, they should engage directly with our camera team instead of going through this forum.

Dear @AdamBalazsVay,
As clarified this request can’t be supported via forum. Our team reaches to you for further guidance.