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Dear all,

I have been thinking about signing up to become a registered developer. I was just wondering however if there are any restrictions to becoming a registered developer. Can anyone become one?
I would like to become a registered member on personal title, but if this is not allowed I could also sign up as part of our CG lab.

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“Registered developer” is for professional developers or researchers.

You will have better chances of being accepted if you sign up using your academic affiliation.

Can graduate students (of electrical / computer engineering) be registered developers?

What are the requirements ? I have tried to register from my company and had no luck at all.

It has been about two weeks and have not received any response from nvidia. Whom can we address for such problems ?

We have also attempted to register as a developer and considering have had no reply, it would seem that the developer registration system is either:

a) Completely broken, my registration was not received at all;
b) The system is completely swamped and it takes months to get an ackowledgement on registrations; or
c) No one at NVIDIA is currently assigned to processing developer registrations.

Can someone at NVIDIA please clarify the ETA on becoming a developer. We are using CUDA but need access to the 0.9 release as it addresses some of the main issues we are having with the API,



[Edit: Thanks to NVIDIA support who replied to this off forum and indicated this was an a) no record of registration. I registered with Firefox and they indicated perhaps some issues registering with Mozilla, try a different browser if you run into the same issues.]

“Registered developer” is for professional developers or researchers.

As a researcher you will have better chances of being accepted if you sign up using your academic affiliation. For all applications we are more likely to accept ones that supply a detailed description of your proposed work and for academia/research your prior publications. Links to work you’re involved with is very helpful as well. The more information that conveys your intent the better your odds

While our IT department sorts out firefox compatibility issues we recommend you apply with MS Internet Explorer. We should have this resolved shortly.

A suggestion - it would be nice if a confirmation mail would be sent on a successful submission (as in when a human actually receives the application), or a notification if the submission has been rejected. I went through the registration process a couple of weeks ago and still received absolutely no response apart from the rudimentary ‘thank you’ type page after pressing the submit button. As it is now, I don’t know if my application even reached anyone at nvidia, or do they think our computing projects are not interesting enough, etc.