Registry cache path is not set

Hello, I tried to use the Render Product but I cannot install omni.graph.examples.cpp extension due to the following error:

2023-12-19 10:22:06 [Error] [omni.ext.plugin] Can’t pull extension: ‘omni.graph.examples.cpp-1.9.3’, registry cache path is not set.

Is there any way to set that path manually?

Thanks in advance,

it’s odd there’s no entry there. i think the default path should be set to %localappdata%\ov\data\Kit\USD.Composer\2023.2\exts\3. but i don’t recall having to manually install the omni.graph.examples.cpp; it should automatically switch on through activating Render Product in movie capture toggle (not accounting for the missing path, that is). then the installation should reflect that in the extension manager list:


have you tried to resync and see if anything changes?


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Let me investigate and get back to you.

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Thank you @Simplychenable I did Resync but without luck.