Regression: Discrete GPU breaks out of suspension semi-periodically on nvidia-460 driver

I have an optimus laptop with GTX 1650 max-q gpu. I set it up to modprobe with option “NVreg_DynamicPowerManagement=0x02” on startup but somehow, it has some odd behavior. Every 100 seconds or so, the device is breaking out of suspended state for about 20 seconds without any application running. This happen even when the laptop was booted up without xorg-server running. 450 driver seems to not have this problem but I don’t know exactly since I have only realized this problem and tested recently with 460 driver. This problem significantly affect my battery life since anytime the gpu breaks suspension, it suddenly consumes 8 watts of power.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (238.3 KB)

The nvidia-bug-report was when I’m on Arch Linux. I have tested 460 driver on fresh ubuntu install and the problem is still there. Also, can confirm that this issue doesn’t exist in 450 driver.

Overall my test result is as follows:
Arch+460 = problem
Ubuntu+460 = problem
Ubuntu+450 = no problem

Here is also a small script I use to check gpu power state: (109 Bytes)