Reinforcement Learning in Isaac


I want to add a manipulator as an agent to reinforcement learning environment. I cereated a simpulation application in Isaac sim like this :
simulation_app = SimulationApp({“livesync_usd”: f’omniverse://localhost/Users/{user}/temp.usd’})

I added a created USD file in the world, then add UR10 in Isaac sim. After trianing RL, I want to make a unique movement for UR10 in each step of RL. For joints control, I used Isaac SDK by creating an application like this:
app = Application(name=“simple_joint_control_lqr_ur10_sim”)

My question is that how can I do it automatically? how can I connect these two applications to each other in order to control joints in Isaac sim in each step of RL?

The problem has been solved by adding task:

from omni.isaac.franka.tasks import FollowTarget


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