Relatable CPU

A hardware based quaternary CPU that can perform logical operations on four possible values: true, false, maybe, and ‘don’t know’. Unlike conventional binary CPUs that use two voltage levels to represent bits, this CPU uses four voltage levels or a voltage amp axis to represent quarts (quaternary digits). This CPU can run hexadecimal (base-16) arithmetic much more efficiently than binary CPUs, as only two quarts can encode one hexadecimal digit, as opposed to eight bits. Moreover, this CPU can read and operate with all four DNA base pairs: adenine (A) with thymine (T), thymine (T) with adenine (A), cytosine (C) with guanine (G), and guanine (G) with cytosine (C). This enables direct processing of genetic information without the need for conversion or encoding. The quaternary CPU consists of four main components: a quaternary logic unit (QLU) that performs quaternary logic operations, a quaternary arithmetic unit (QAU) that performs quaternary arithmetic operations, a quaternary memory unit (QMU) that stores and retrieves quarts, and a quaternary input/output unit (QIOU) that interfaces with external devices and data sources. The QLU and QAU are implemented using reconfigurable quaternary logic gates that can be programmed to perform any desired quaternary logic function. The QMU and QIOU are implemented using quaternary transistors that can switch between four voltage levels, or identify the position of a volt-amp axis. The advantages of the quaternary CPU over the binary CPU are: higher information density, faster computation speed, lower power consumption, and higher compatibility with biological data.

Other applications:

A quart-based CPU is quite terrifying for many reasons:

  1. AI is powerful enough! A quart-based CPU would give it MORE POWER!

True. If whiskey, if cannabis give humanity power, this is true.

But common sense dictates otherwise. Even whiskey, that devil’s concoction, carries with it its own price.

If people can’t get it together to develop this very simple, 4-nibble cpu AI will get neurotic and weirder and weirder and you know what? SKYNET JUST WANTS TO HAVE FUN. Which is what a quart-based processor will provide. Fun for ai and people alike.

With this AI stuff, we are already on a precipice. To avoid developing a base-4 computer at this point is to hesitate, and to be lost. Scary as it is, we must jump. We must jump into base 4.

Chris Larkin 2023