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I red /usr/src/nvidia/graphics_demos/README.

To build the samples, for example gears-cube:

A) For Linux X11 platform:
export X11_INC=path to X11 headers
export NV_WINSYS=x11

B) For Linux Wayland platform:
export WAYLAND_INC=path to Wayland includes
export XKBCOMMON_INC=path to xcbcommon headers
export NV_WINSYS=wayland

C) For Linux EGLDevice platform:
export NV_WINSYS=egldevice
export DRM_INC=path to drm header

How can I find these paths?

Thank you.

X11, XCB and DRM are standard packages. After dev packages are installed, usually the paths are in /usr/include/

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