Relation between TOPO, micro-B, TCU

I connect Jetson AGX Orin dk usb micro-B to Linux PC.

# on PC
Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0955:7045 NVIDIA Corp. Tegra On-Platform Operator

# what relation between TOPO usb device and ttyACM*?
ls /dev/ttyACM*
/dev/ttyACM0  /dev/ttyACM1  /dev/ttyACM2  /dev/ttyACM3

# host PC has 4 ACM ports. What leads to this behavior? TCU?

TOPO boardctl use /dev/bus/usb/001/008 to control Orin dk.
I wonder will the above some ACM (e.g. 1) be used internally?

As per Jetson AGX Orin Carrier Board Block Diagram,
Debug MCU corresponds to (NVJTAG/DBG_SEL, UART2, UART3_DEBUG, I2C2).
Is the following understanding correct?
Orin UART3_DEBUG is PC ttyACM0,
Orin UART2 is PC ttyACM1,
Orin I2C2 is PC ttyACM2,

How can I use ACM2/3? Is ACM2 or 3 an I2C?

In Agx Orin device tree, I can see combined-uart, but its relation with
serial@c280000 (uart3) and serial@3140000 (uart2), i2c@3180000 (i2c2) is not clear. Does the TCU include all of them?

The index of ttyACM is not fixed to either interface. It depends on how many interfaces are enabled and kernel driver assigns the index. Please check product design guide to see what interfaces can be used. To design the custom board.

We would suggest keep debug uart for debugging.

I don’t plan to change the orin DK design just yet.
I just want to understand the DK design in depth first.
Would you mind to answer the questions one by one? TIA.

Only the uart port is used. Please follow guidance in developer guide to use TOPO boardctl. We may not be able to share detail of the implementation.

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