Relative paths in NSight Profiler

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I’m trying to set up some NSight Profiler .nvact files for the whole team to use, so that they can just launch a preconfigured profile instead of setting it all up themselves every time. However, I have run into a bit of a problem; all of the paths are fixed and fully resolved, and there does not seem to be any useful way to expand variables/macros.

So for example, my .nvact file has the path to the application stored as


But my teammate has his dev system set up differently, and his application is at


Obviously the profiler will not find the binary, and will be unable to launch.

I really want to be able to use the Visual Studio built in variables, so that I could have


instead. This would be usable for all members of the team, regardless of where their code is checked out.

Is there some mechanism for expanding variables that I am missing? Or is this just not possible in the current version of NSight?

Hello James,

Nsight profiler doesn’t support the vs env var like $(SolutionDir), I will raise a bug for dev to track.

Best Regards

Hi Harry,

Has this issue been resolved in NSight 5.4? I see the following in the release notes:

"An issue with projects not recognizing the working directory in NVIDIA Nsight’s or Visual Studio’s project properties has been fixed. (56837) "

Which sounds like it could be referring to this problem. But I still cannot resolve Visual Studio variables in NSight.

This bug appears to still be unresolved in 5.5.