Release mode Howto build in release mode?

After almost 8 months, my application is done. Now I want to run it in release mode on the device, but what are the flags that I need to give nvcc to build in release mode?

I took a look at the SDK makefile here they use
-O3 and --compiler-options -fno-strict-aliasing are these all to run in release mode or are there other ways to run in release mode?

I want the best performance possible to get the highest speedup

I hope some of you can help me.


Nobody can comment on this?

I’d just say that you don’t need any flags to compile with nvcc.

I’ve been using -O3 option, but i haven’t seen any differences wether i put the flag or not.

You can check with your code if you have differences.


Ok thanks,

I had the same findings. But when I looked at the Makefile from the SDK there were the arguments.
So I copied those and use the use_fast_math bla bla.