Release of cuLsoda Stiff/non-Stiff ODE Solver for CUDA

Hi all. This summer I’ve been working on converting the old LSODA ODE solver to cuda, and I’ve gotten a ton of help from the forums here, so I figured I ought to give back. I’ve created a project on google code for the library I’ve been working on (, and anyone who needs an ODE solver is welcome to go grab it and use it as they like. The code still needs a lot of cleaning up, but is about 95% working. There is an issue with the output being somewhat different in device mode than it is in emulation mode (it gives known correct output in emulation mode) that I’m still trying to figure out, but it should be usable for general tasks (I hope). I hope to keep updating/cleaning up the code over the next couple months. The code is in double precision, and therefore requires compute capability 1.3. It also requires CUDA 2.3. It compiles in linux, but not under Mac OS X. Not sure if it behaves on Windows.