Reliability issue while booting Jetson Nano SOM ( taken out from JetsonNano developerkit ) with our custom carrier board

Hi team,

Problem Statement :
We have a Jetson Nano DeveloperKit :

  1. Jetson Nano SOM
  2. Jetson Nano Carrier Board [ B01 ] with us.
  • By considering following documents as reference:
  1. Jetson Nano Development Kit Carrier reference schematic.
  2. Jetson Nano Module datasheet.
  3. Jetson Nano product design guide.
    We have developed our own Custom Carrier Board.
  • PowerON sequence of our custom carrier board looks good as per design guide.
    -We have also customized Kernel device tree by configuring pix mux configuration by following Tegra_Linux_driver_package_nano_adaption_guide document, according to our requirement for our custom carrier board and generated device tree files and flashed them into existing Jetson nano image.
    Next, we have removed the Jetson Nano SOM from Jetson Nano developer kit and fixed to our custom carrier board with same sdcard we have used before for Jetson nano developerkit. Linux is booting successfully with our custom carrier board and expected functionality is working fine.

Issue we are facing is:

  • Reliability issue :
    If we Power ON/OFF for 10 times, Linux is booting only for 4 to 5 times (Jetson nano SOM {which is taken out from Jetson Nano Developer Kit} with our custom carrier board).

Any idea on how to prevent this issue ?

Hi team

We have followed NVIDIA support documentation. According to NVIDIA, Jetson processor which comes along with Jetson developer kit will not be used with any custom carrier board.

In our case as i mentioned above, Jetson processor of developer kit was booting fine for few times but not always with our custom carrier board.

So that’s the reason we raised this issue.

We tried the same with Jetson nano production module and everything is working fine. All good no issue.

Thanks & Regards

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