Reliability report and temperature of the Xavier NX


We are interested in the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module.
We see on the datasheet that this module is rated to operate between -25°C and 90°C.
On the Jetson Xavier NX Data Sheet v1.3 document, Table 30, for the operational Low and High Temp, can you give us the details of the « NV Standard » procedure?
We are interested to know if you have used a heatsink, a thermal plate or just the board naked?

If you have used a plate or a heatsink, is it possible to know the caracteristics of it (dimensions, number of fins, heat sink thermal performance in °C / W)?

Have you got information to share about the temperature of auto-elevation of this board?


The temperature range of -25C - 90C is the standard of Tj, you can get more detail info in thermal design guide in DLC.

For the heatsink, please check this doc in DLC:

Thank you for your answer

We would like to have more specific information about your environmental testing procedure, especially the operational low and high temperature
In which environmental conditions have you tested the board, like the air flow, the ambiant settings and the heatsink applied?
The aim of this question is to know if the module has been tested to it’s maximal thermal limits


There is a thermal design guide in DLC for your reference, and some environment validation info are included in module datasheet there.

The module characters are guaranteed if the Tj is in the range, customer is responsible to design the heatsink based on the system workload and to keep the Tj in the range with the heaviest load needed.