Reliable way to query the CUDA runtime version installed on a given machine

Opened a case with NVIDIA support. They requested that I post the question in under CUDA.

Ask: Reliable way to query the CUDA runtime version installed on a given machine, that provides the major & minor version details (e.g., 8.0.61 as opposed to 8.0).

We have a custom install of CUDA toolkit - where we are installing only the runtime libraries required, as opposed to the default/full install.

setup.exe -passive -noeula -nofinish -clean -s cublas_8.0 cudart_8.0 cufft_8.0 curand_8.0 cusolver_8.0 nvgraph_8.0 npp_8.0 nvrtc_8.0 cusparse_8.0 Display.Driver

The full install creates a version.txt file that helps identifying the product version (by reading that contents of that version.txt file).
However, with the custom install, we no longer see the version.txt file in the installed program directory.


  • What is the best way to identify the CUDA runtime version installed on Windows machines? The Windows registry query only yields the version as 8.0 (minor version text is missing).
  • The CUDART32_80.dll file properties list the Product version as 6.14.x (see the output below): Is there a reason to not populate the ProductVersion with the correct text (e.g., 8.0.61) as opposed to providing it as a text string in the ProductName?

OriginalFilename : CUDART32_80_61.DLL
FileDescription : NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 8.0.61
ProductName : NVIDIA CUDA 8.0.61 Runtime
Comments :
CompanyName : NVIDIA Corporation
FileName : C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v8.0\bin\cudart32_80.dll
FileVersion : 6,14,11,8000
ProductVersion : 6,14,11,8000
IsDebug : False
IsPatched : False
IsPreRelease : False
IsPrivateBuild : True
IsSpecialBuild : False
Language : English (United States)
LegalCopyright : Copyright © NVIDIA Corporation 1993 - 2012
LegalTrademarks :
PrivateBuild :
SpecialBuild :
FileVersionRaw :
ProductVersionRaw : 6.1.7600.16385