Remapping SPI0 pins for use as inputs and outputs

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project using the TX2 NX module. The carrier board i’m using does not break out the full GPIO header giving me access to only the I2C0 pins, the SPI0 pins and the UART0 pins. While the project makes use of the I2C0 pins the SPI0 and UART0 connections are not used however having a few GPIO pins that I could use as outputs would be incredibly useful. Can the SPI0 and UART0 pins be redefined to be used as outputs and if so how? Would I need to create a custom PINMUX file or is this possible using terminal commands?

Cheers, Jordan

hello jordan29,

you should download pinmux spreadsheets, please also refer to developer guide for Pinmux Changes.

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