[remind] When I can access Isaacsim 2023.1.0 version?


It has been noticed that Isaacsim 2023.1.0 will be released in early October 2023 from the “Nvidia orbit” repo.
Actually, I already found out that Isaacsim 2023.1.0 is planned to be released in July 2023.
But, it has not even been released yet!
I am really looking forward to the new version that will fix the contact sensor.
When will Issacsim release the new version?
I want to know the exact date!!!


unfortunately no date. the best we’ve learned so far is sometime this week, so it’s unlikely you’ll get a more specific answer:

Its released now


When there are multiple versions of isaac sim installed, any idea how to choose which one to use from a python standalone script?

Usually you’re not running your python interpreter directly, as it would be a pain to set the path to all the built-in python code and native code.

Instead, you’re normally running the python.sh located in the root Isaac Sim installation.

So by choosing the python.sh from the correct installation, you’ll get the Isaac Sim version you want.

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I see, that makes sense! Thank you!

Release will be public soon! Waiting for final docs to be updated on system. After that I will put an announcement here.