Remote Access not using Router TX2

I’m going home to visit my parents over the weekend and they do not have a tech friendly setup where I could easily plug in my TX2 to a router and then ssh into it. Therefore, I wanted to know how I could configure a connection between my host computer and the TX2 with a ethernet cable. My host computer is running Ubuntu 16.

I’ve found this link here which talks about setting up a DHCP server or as they call it the “hard way”. I’m not for sure if this is what I want or not. I can use -X or -Y for X11 services when I ssh but I really don’t care about having a gui. I just need to write some code for now so all I need is the command line. This site in the link above is also for a TK1. I assume the steps would be the same for a TX2 or TX1.

The Jetson will by default use DHCP, so the hard part is setting it up on the host…the Jetson side doesn’t really need any changes. If you’ve ssh’d in from before though, I suppose there is a possibility you might run into an issue where the “~/.ssh/known_hosts” will change and you’ll need to confirm an exception (though probably not…there is one long line which is for a given connection which might need delete if ssh says it can’t verify the host due to a change).

Network setup depends on the flavor/distribution of Linux (it’s standard to the distribution and won’t care about what hardware you use). I used to just “dual home” an ethernet card to give it two networks…one from the DHCP of my ISP, the other static for development. Things changed and it seems to have become a pain to do, so I just added a second network card which is a static network for most things (but it can do DHCP for a Jetson…most of my Jetsons are static IP, some are DHCP).

I actually have three NICs in my PC and run three separate networks for various purposes, and I have to say that simply adding a cheap gigabit card and configuring it for a static address is the easiest and simplest way to go. You might find a good ethernet with a Realtek chipset (always supported on PC) for under $20. Then on your Jetson, while logged in natively, there is a “configure” icon in the upper right where you can configure network (edit connections, set IPv4 to manual with the address you want it to be…when done you can switch it back to DHCP). This is also especially effective for security and you can forward via the PC if you want to use the PC to provide internet to the Jetson.