Remote access with OpenGL support with Drive Software 10.0

Most of the time development with NVIDIA DRIVE requires you to comprehend a technical context by displaying it graphically. While this is taken as granted when working on the bench, it requires some effort for remote access.

This is where VNC comes into play, which enables the rendering of graphics. A remote client is continuously polling the frame buffer of a device hosting an X Window session for changes.


Install the server on the target:

  1. download the attached zip file (378 Bytes) and extract on the Drive AGX platform (Xavier A and Xavier B whoever you want to remote access to with OpenGL)
  2. execute “sudo apt update” and the script on the Drive AGX platform.
  3. you will be prompted for entering a password for the connection, that will be used for connecting from the host
  4. when prompted with "Write password to /home/nvidia/.vnc/passwd? " enter “y”
  5. reboot the target

-> now the server will run automatically every restart and wait for new connections

Install and run the client on the host:

  1. download and install the suitable client for your host from here:
  2. open VNC viewer and enter the IP of the target you want to remote access.
  3. when prompted with a password, enter the password from step 3 of installing on the target