Remote Control Applications installable on jetson agx xavier

Is there any remote control tool which I can install on agx xavier like teamviewer?

Please check below thread to see if can help:

I have read all the issues opened related to teamviewer as well as the link you shared (BTW there is no approved solution to that teamviewer issue). Since teamviewer won’t have a stable installation I am looking for alternative tools, software/tools that work fine with jetson devices and use lesser GPU and CPU. Something like SSH. Please share if you have any installation instruction regarding SSH.
What do you recommend? which remote tool would work fine on jetson agx xavier?

We don’t have recommendation for this. Other users may share their experience.

By recommending, I mean which remote tool works more robust and fine without much problem in installation on jetson devices? Of course you have experience regarding opened issues and previous reported problems or discussions. Since you know your hardware/software and their characteristics you can suggest at least a tool which is more suitable.
Would you please assign a colleague of yours who know this issue.
Thank you

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