Remote debug session freezes "Loading Buffer Viewer"

Hi There,

I’m currently trying to debug some performance issues on a laptop, from my development machine. The laptop has a 9300M and for the most part seems to allow me to debug fine. However, on the development machine, if I select to view an event from the “Frame Profiler” screen (using the links) it seems to lock up and displays “Loading Buffer Viewer” in the status panel for a long time.

I have managed to access the buffer viewer whilst debugging in this way before, however it doesn’t seem to work very often (I’ve managed to view it once, but the last 6 times I’ve tried have failed and locked up).

The development machine is running VS2008, NSight, NV GF 470, drivers 306.97
The laptop has an NV GF 9300M G, drivers are 310.61

Does anyone have thoughts on how I can get this to behave more reliably?



I also have trouble with this setup viewing shaders and pixel history. Pixel history never seems to appear as an option, and shaders always display “Shader Debugger is not available”…

Hmm, am I correct to understand that the development machine is running the Nsight Monitor? It sounds like you may be running out of memory somewhere. Which version of Windows are they running? Any chance we can get a repro case for the issue?

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for being unclear.

The Development machine is running visual studio nsight with the debugger. Running Windows 7.
The Laptop is running the application and has Nsight monitor running. Running Windows 8.

I seem to be able to view draw call events etc so long as I don’t try to access them from the Frame Profile screen. If try to jump to them from the profile screen, it will lock up the development machine and sit there saying “Loading Buffer Viewer”.

Whenever I attempt to look at the shader list, every shader says “Shader Debugger is not available”.

Unfortunately this is inside a released PC game title, so a reproduction case is more difficult to arrange over a public forum, but via e-mail or such it may be possible to arrange a binary version you could download? Source, would be more problematic though.

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Windows 8 is currently unsupported, so that may be the issue. We go pretty somewhat deep into the driver on the Monitor side, so while Windows 8’s driver model is very similar to Windows 7, there are sure to be differences that may cause issues. Let me look into Windows 8 compatibility first, and then I’ll send you a private message.

Hi Jeff,

Any word on compatibility?