Remote Desktop connection fails to AWS Issac Sim


To follow the tutorial Isaac Sim Hello World on AWS EC2, Remote Desktop connection is needed to displays several apps like Visual Studio Code because the default WebSocket configuration guided shows just Isaac Sim app only.

Remote Desktop screen is blank and shows nothing after xrdp login was succeeded to the AWS Isaac Sim container.

AWS Isaac Sim AMI image: IsaacSim-Ubuntu-18.04-GPU-2021-11-12
AWS EC2 g4dn.xlarge
Remote Desktop app in Windows

While I’m following the Isaac Sim tutorial Hello World, I found that Remote Desktop is needed to display Visual Studio Code app and etc. because the WebSocket connection, guided by the AWS tutorial, shows just Isaac Sim app only in Windows.

So, I installed ubuntu_desktop and xrdp as below on the container,

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt install xrdp
sudo passwd ubuntu

and succeeded to login on the screen below using Remote Desktop app in Windows:

but after login, the next screen below is just blank:

So, I tried several methods on internet but failed. I’d like to use the default interface of Ubuntu 18.04 instead of XFCE.

How can it be resolved?

In the container of Ubuntu 18.04 image below:

, the remote desktop connection was succeeded. its screenshot is shown below:

But still the connection fails in the container of the Isaac Sim image as reported above.