remote development and debugging

Currently we are developing our application on jetson nano by using keyboard, mouse, monitor. Our development platform is python3 and the ide is Eric.
I am usually mobile and out of the office so it is hard to carry all these hardware things with me.

The question is;
Is it possible to make development and debugging on jetson nano via serial or ethernet connection?
I just want to use my laptop (os is windows10 and Ubuntu on virtual box), jetson nano development board and a power supply?

Any clue will be great for me
thanks in advance

PyCharm Pro is what I use, if your not opposed to a commercial solution. I believe vscode can work as well, but I haven’t tried this specifically in a long time. I use Windows on my laptop and Ubuntu on my workstation. Pycharm works on both to connect to the nano.

If you don’t need/want full IDE, SSH and SCP (or SSHFS) make for a simple solution. I use MobaXTerm from Windows which automatically transfers edited files and makes managing multiple target machines easy.

Dear mdegans,
Currently I am using community version, I will check the price for the pro version. If it is affordable I will try. Many thanks.

Dear dusty_nv,
MobaXTerm works perfectly but unfortunately eric ide does not work.
thanks anyway

MobaXterm is a great suggestion and bundles everything you would normally have to set up (PuTTY, X server, etc). With it, you can run anything from the nano remotely, including an IDE, however if your app managed to lock up your Nano, it would also lock up your IDE, so if you do that, make sure to set up auto-save.

RE: Pycharm Pro. Sometimes JetBrains has deals. I got my current pack at a major discount (like 20% of it’s normal price). You could use something else until you find it on sale. It’s been a while, but think my offer was an upgrade. I paid $9/month for Pycharm, and they eventually offered the full product pack for $15.

Wanted to add to the thread. I’ve been using Vs Code Insiders recently and remote development via ssh seems to be working now for aarch64 (64 bit arm), so there’s another option (when i tried it last summer, aarch64 remote support was broken). The linter is both better and worse than PyCharm (it’s pylint), and refactoring seems to be partially broken, but it might just be my configuration. If you want a free, good, option, with remote support, it’s probably a good choice.