Remote Development for Jetson TK1

Please, may someone tell me, how I can do the remote development for Jetson TK1 on Windows machine?

Use SSH remote login plus some other software for the remote GUI.
There are different options for this depending on what you want.
One option is to use VNC. One good free VNC software for Windows is TightVNC.

Another option is you can use Xming or similar to make only certain windows show up, etc.

With CUDA development there might be more options as well. Nvidia provides certain tools to run the actual CUDA instance on remote machine, but this may not apply to linux, or TK1. It has been awhile since I used these CUDA tools.

Thanks for answer. But, I mean remote development like in NetBeans without RDP or VNC.
Is it really to use some IDE on Windows machine, but compile and run my code remotely on Jetson, using it toolchain without cross-compile?

You can open files for editing over SSH with the right software.
Then compile and run from a command line, etc on the Tegra.
So you don’t need a desktop.

Easiest for L4T is to setup a VM with a Linux OS, install a Tegra ARMv7 toolchain, and optionally the CUDA toolkit.

Set Netbeans C/C++ environment to explicitly use the ARM toolchain.

For Windows to develop for L4T, you need a Windows based Tegra ARMv7 toolchain.
At the moment, you might have a hard time finding one as there are much more non-Tegra ARM EABI/GNU toolchain.

Unless you are developing for Android under Windows.

If you find one, let us know :)

Connection problems. Unable to access Jetson remotely. Command prompt says “No address associated with the hostname tegra-ubuntu”

Did you connect Jetson with an ethernet cable to your home network? Do you have something that provides IP addresses for the connected devices (like a WLAN or ADSL box)? You need check what IP address your Jetson got, either from the device that gives out the IPs or connecting a keyboard and monitor to Jetson and typing “/sbing/ifconfig”. Or by logging in through a serial cable.