Remote Display Protocol?

We are looking at using a couple of workstations in aws on teh G2 instances that include an nvidia k520.

We have some on citrix xenapp and they work great, but we have a few applications that aren’t appropriate for xenapp, in the sense they wont run on a terminal server.

I am looking for another RDP type protocol to display and pass through the 3d graphics. Can anyone recommend one that will do so.

The only one I can currently find that does it is nice-software product, but it doesn’t appear to support multiple monitors on a non physical system

As you’re already delivering Citrix XenApp, why not simply use XenDesktop?

Xendesktop only supports Desktop operating systems, xp, win7, win 8 etc. In a cloud space desktop OS aren’t allowed, you are instead using server, or what would be considered the xenapp functionality. As stated these apps aren’t terminal services compatible. Citrix does offer a server vdi offering, which allows you to install the xendesktop agent on a non terminal server instance, but for some reason citrix has removed the 3d capability from the server vdi product.

I expect you’ll find the same from each of the vendors.

Important to note that if you’re limited to the Amazon Workspaces Offering then as this runs on Server 2008 with RDS then you’ll encounter a similar issue to that on XenApp.

Of course, there’s nothing preventing you deploying a desktop OS in a cloud solution, as long as you are appropriately licensed. There is no SPLA licensing for the desktop OS’s, which is why Amazon don’t offer it as an option.

However if you have the licenses themselves for the connecting clients you can deploy them from a cloud provider and use XenDesktop (or similar)