Remote interaction

Hi there,
I’ve connected the raspberry pi camera to jetson nano dev kit and used this repo (GitHub - GeekAlexis/FastMOT: High-performance multiple object tracking based on YOLO, Deep SORT, and KLT 🚀) for live object tracking and counting. I would like to mount the jetson nano to my drone to use when I fly my drone in air, and transmit the counting results to the ground station (laptop). How should I approach this for remote interaction with the nano?

I’ve looked at SSH connection to get an idea but it seems remote access to jetson requires ethernet? Sorry I’m very new to the area and really appreciate anyone’s help!!

Thanks in advance :)

Please check below topic to see if can gain some ideas:
Hermes - Wildfire Detection using NVIDIA Jetson and Ryze Tello - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Projects - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Hi kayccc,
Thanks for pointing me to this! Seems really interesting. Although I’m planning to use Raspberry Pi camera as input rather than drone’s inbuilt camera, I think it’s definitely a good starter for me! Many thanks.

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