Remote Monitoring TK1 PMIC

I am trying to use one Jetson TK1 to monitor the temperature and voltages of another Jetson TK1 under test. I’m using the i2c bus to remotely read the data and log it. To read locally, the PMIC can be read by reading address 0x40 on channel 0 (GEN1_I2C). Likewise, the TMP sensor can be read locally at address 0x4c on channel 4 (PWR_I2C). This code currently works and allow me to read the data as intended.

To read remotely, I cross the channels between devices - channel 0 now looks at address 0x4c, and channel 4 looks at 0x40. In theory, this should allow the monitoring TK1 to read the PMIC on the device under test without getting confused with it’s own PMIC (same for the temp sensors). Just accessing the TMP sensor remotely works fine (i.e. channel 4 reading addr 0x4c). However, when I try to access the PMIC remotely the device under test inevitably freezes.

Any thoughts on what could be causing the issue? Is the TK1/PMIC even capable of operating as a multimaster?

Thanks in advance!

Why not just send the values using an IP interface (Ethernet or other).
I think it should be possible to read the values locally using SysFS (or i2c), and then you can just forward them to netcat.

Try something like:

Sender (device under test) side: