Remote Profiling from CLI (Jetson AGX)


I’ve been trying to profile Jetson AGX device remotely from my host machine with CLI but it did not work. I first tried it on my Windows machine with the GUI version, but one of the forum’s topics suggested the following: CLI for Jetsons). I’ve also enabled root ssh’ing.

The commands that I was tried mainly:

$ ncu --hostname ip_address --mode=launch-and-attach command_to_run_on_xavier
=Error= command_to_run_on_xavier does not exist.

$ ncu --hostname ip_address --mode=attach
=Prof= finding attachable process on host ip_address
=Error= No process found.

I prefer initializing the process from my host rather than attaching the IP (which also tried but not %100 sure about the arguments). However, I’m also find with both of these.

Host: Nsight Compute Version 2022.1, Ubuntu 18.04
Remote/Jetson Jetpack version: Jetpack 4.5 and all related installations(Jetpack 4.5 Archive | NVIDIA Developer)

I know I’ve got a basic problem to solve, but I could not find my solution on other topics.

This issue seems Jetson AGX related, moving it into Jetson AGX Xavier forum.


Please install the Nsight Compute from the JetPack installer.

It has an extra cross-compile package that has Jetson profiling support.
The version should be 2019.5.3 under /opt/nvidia/nsight-compute/.


If you want to profile an application remotely from your host machine through the ncu CLI, you can use the option “–mode”, as you tried. However. the way you are using this option is not correct. You can check the ncu help to find details about different args for “–mode” and their meaning.

Steps to profile application remotely:

  1. “–mode launch” will suspend app which later can be attached. To suspend the app you need to run following cmd on target (in your case on jetson board).

./ncu –mode launch <cmd to run app>

  1. “–mode attach” will attach to the suspended app. Since the app is suspended on the target, you need to provide the IP/hostname of the target system in the “–hostname” option for the ncu CLI on the host.

./ncu –mode attach --hostname <target ip_address> <ncu options if any needed>

Note that “–mode launch-and-attach” option will launch and attach application on the same machine automatically. This option will not suspend the app for later attach from a different system.

If you wanted to launch app on the target (in your case on jetson board) from host and interact with it then that is not possible through the CLI, as it can’t remote launch. You can use the Nsight Compute GUI for this, refer to the Quickstart section.

Nsight Compute GUI remote profiling is supported on Tegra targets from Linux x86-64 hosts, but not from Windows hosts, in the Nsight Compute version provided by JetPack. See platform support.

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