Remote visualization error (GPU cluster)

We are having a GPU cluster installed in our lab. It has one master node and three compute nodes. Each compute node is equipped with two tesla K40 GPU cards. The installation of the cuda toolkit, nvidia drivers are completed.

Our task is to do remote visualization and we have found the following white paper by NVIDIA,

So, we have connected one of the compute node remotely from a machine (having GeForce card) and tried to run the simulations examples (such as, smoke particles, oceanFFT etc.), those came with cuda toolkit. But it is showing following error,

[b][root@compute-0-3 release]# ./smokeParticles
CUDA Smoke Particles Starting…

NOTE: The CUDA Samples are not meant for performance measurements. Results may vary when GPU Boost is enabled.

Loaded ‘…/…/…/…/5_Simulations/smokeParticles/data/floortile.ppm’, 256 x 256 pixels
CUDA error at code=10(cudaErrorInvalidDevice) “cudaMalloc3DArray(&noiseArray, &channelDesc, size)” [/b]

Please help