Remotely log into the WindowsXP and CUDA failure CUDA remote watchdog

As we know, there is a watchdog problem with the only one G80 card in Windows XP. But it not easy for me to get another NV Card just as now. So I want to remotely log into the Windows XP and Use the G80 card only to compute, but not display (no display attached to the G80 card).

It seems that there is a probem. When I excute the DeviceQuery.exe in the SDK example, the result is that there is no CUDA supported card founed.

Why? Indeed there is a Quadro FX5600 in my system. When I log into the Windows XP localy, everything is all right excepe the watchdog probelm.

Has anyone seen the simliar problem? Any help or suggestion would be appreicated.

Remote Desktop replaces the display driver with its own Remote Desktop display driver. Use VNC and everything works.

Thanks. I will have a try!

Hey guys,
have a similar problem: I was doing some testing on a CUDA compatible machine using VNC. Everything went ok as long as a display was connected to the remote machine. After removing the desplay most of the examples in SDK don’t run properly anymore. Moreover, deviceQuery.exe returns “There is no device supporting CUDA”!!!
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance, Martingale

Windows probably disabled the display driver as it saw no reason for it :) Windows is really goofy that way and not at all designed to run on a headless machine. If you need that functionality, go linux and you will never look back.