Removal of X86 support

I use an X86 version of android under VMWare for most of my debugging. It’s far faster than any other emulator. VS_Android from which this integration is based supported X86 building but, looking over the code, I can see X86 support has been removed. Is there some specific reason X86 build support has been removed?

Has any new information or maybe a workaround come up on this topic in the meanwhile?

I’m in the middle of porting a cross-platform application to Android - and I’d love to use the Genymotion x86-Emulators directly with NVIDIA Tegra Visual Studio Edition using the x86 toolchain.

At the moment I’m stuck with having two projects in parallel - one for working in Visual Studio and one for emulator testing in Eclipse sigh

Any news on this topic is highly appreciated. Maybe the NVIDIA folks should team up with Genymotion to make Android development as comfortable or even more as iOS development.

Having to buy a device in any resolution is both cumbersome and expensive. Most testing can be done using Emulators in the different resolutions - so it would be a huge benefit to use real devices only for final testing and some edge cases…

so far, we don’t have plan to support X86 version of android.