Renaming of NVIDIA Omniverse Create and NVIDIA Omniverse View

We are excited to announce the renaming of NVIDIA Omniverse Create and NVIDIA Omniverse View reference applications.

The renaming rollout will take place over the next couple months across webpages, documentation, tutorials, the Omniverse Launcher, and in-application.

  • Omniverse Create is now Omniverse USD Composer
  • Omniverse View is now Omniverse USD Presenter

NVIDIA Omniverse is built entirely on Universal Scene Description (USD), and serves as a first-class computing platform for editing, composing, and presenting USD-based workflows.

This new naming better reflects Omniverse USD Composer and USD Presenter as template applications that our ecosystem of developers and enterprise customers can customize, extend, or rebuild entirely.

We are seeing incredible momentum of USD adoption across every industry - beyond its origins in media & entertainment, into architecture, product development, industrial manufacturing, geospatial applications, robotics - and more.

With Omniverse, developers, designers, and enterprise teams can easily build their own NVIDIA AI and RTX-accelerated suite of USD tools and applications – whether for internal use or distribution to the public.

We are excited to see how the community takes, tweaks, and rebuilds Omniverse USD Composer and Omniverse USD Presenter.

Learn how to develop with USD, and build on the Omniverse platform, join us at GTC for