Render depth Image inside a codelet with the sight::show or Isaac::Viewers

Hello Sight Documentation says that " The sight::show function can render an image directly (Image1ub, Image3ub, and Image4ub "

Can we render Image1f or Image4f inside the Sight ? Also i am curious as you guys have included coarseto fine depth as a Library , how were you able to render the Image inside Sight ?

I am trying to directly render a depth Image inside Sight , if there is a way Image1f can be rendered , it will be possible.

I intend to use the following Code :-

void HeroCamera::publishDepthData(int64_t acq_time) {
Image1f buffer_left_depth(Hero_resolution_.height, Hero_resolution_.width);
Copy(DepthHeroImageView(left_image_depth_), buffer_left_depth);
[&](sight::Sop& sop) { sop.add(Reduce(buffer_left_depth)); });
ToProto(std::move(buffer_left_depth), tx_left_camera_depth().initProto(),

OR can we use TOPROTO/FROM PROTO to show it in sight.