Render Offload + external HDMI ports?

Render Offload works for me. Yay!

Using the dGPU for offloading and pushing bits out the (dGPU-connected) HDMI/DP ports does not. I believe this is in line with the current documentation.

“The NVIDIA driver currently only supports the Source Output capability. It cannot be used as an output sink.”

Is this a feature which Nvidia intends to implement? If so, is there a tentative timeline?
Is this even technically possible, from a hardware perspective?

My laptop’s internal display is connected to the iGPU. All external ports (HDMI/DP) are connected to the dGPU.

  1. Due to heat/noise/battery I want to default rendering to the iGPU.
  2. I also want to be able to push graphics-demanding apps to the dGPU.
  3. And finally, I want to be able to have output on an external display device. External ports on my device is physically wired to the nvidia hardware.

Hello Nvidia, any update on this subject?