Render Quality Settings

Dear friends, I try to get a render with the highest quality. In the first test, I exported in mp4 with the preset "Use Current (RTX Path-Taced):

10 samples per iteration and 10 patch trace samples per pixel

I get some very nasty artifacts. In this scene there are many reflections and many light sources.

Can you recommend some settings for the best quality?

This test is with realtime export. Also how can I improve this preset?


Hello @antoni.caimari.caldes. In order for us to recommend render settings, please make sure you are on the latest GPU drivers. It would also be very useful to know what GPU you are using. Thanks much.

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Thanks @FViloria , I use an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 with the latest driver


CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
RAM: 32,0 GB

Increasing the samples will increase the quality. increasing the subframe to 50 would be good (50 iterations x 10 samples = 500 total samples which is roughly min of what you will want

Also, you may want to try to turn off the many lights cache in PT settings.

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Hi! I have been studying the same thing, I try to get the best out of REX real-time, and I have the same Geforce RTX 2070 ( super ) card.
I have to also check these settings out that fdelise recommened. I bet you have already checked out this topic about the same issues & some more:

I think your scene löoks pretty good but maybe a slight amount of that simple fog would do good. Also if you have many light sources then you could increase the contrast of the scene by making some darker area maybe close to camera?

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Thanks @pekka.varis , I am going to try different settings.
Very good advice about the fog and the lighting transition.
I am going to test and upload new samples, with the different results.
Do you have an example of your renders and time estimates?

Antoni, here you find my new rendering settings:

I think we can live with them now, and when Iray rendering comes to Machinima, we study that :)