Render Resolution cutting off part of the frame using Movie Capture

If I do a movie capture it seems to be cutting off the frame - it gets worse as I increase the resolution scale.
normal resolution, regular cam

5x resolution same cam

Has anyone seen this before?
I can see it when I click capture frame it makes the viewport smaller and shows grey then renders that part out black- the grey is just black - its very strange.

I figured out the bug (at least I think it’s a bug) - when you enter “RESHADE” in Machinima it does it.

make sure render resolution = movie capture resolution and do not have fill viewport checked

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Hi @garretthoyos! I created a ticket for the dev team to fix.

Internal Reference OM-38277

@garretthoyos Basically this happens because at the moment Reshade doesn’t pick up resolution changes that happened after the preset was applied.
As a temp workaround, you could just check, as you correctly pointed out, that (render resolution = movie capture resolution) and then turn Reshade off and on again. (Or disable Reshade, and then enable some particular preset from the Menu).