Rendering a frame

Hello, is possible to render just a part of the viewport? Like it works in other renderers, just render that objects on the screen I want to. Because now I always need to wait to relatively good result in Iray when I set materials. That’s crazy.

If its not, it will be great feature to the future.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes that is a great feature request idea. I know that a lot of other renderers can do that. I will put it into the system for consideration. In the meantime, have you tried “Interactive” mode ? It’s near identical to iray but much faster. Is there a specific reason you are using iray ?

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Yes I tried it but there is (at least for me) significant differences mainly in light interaction. I clearly see that Iray is brighter. And also significant differences in tranculent objects like glass.

I need to set up materials in Iray because final shots will be in Iray and I need to set proper materials and lights.

edit: I am able to set more bounces and now its more accurate. Thanks for a tip.

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I would add to this “render just part of viewport” feature also I wish to render only one or selected objects + alpha channel.

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