Rendering a mp4 is without sound

I have a talking a2f character in Machinima and also a wav file in the seq. Works nice on playback, I hear her speaking.

Now I want to render this as a mp4 file, I go with trx-realtime settings:

But what i get is a mp4 file without sound:

If I press the gear icon here, it does not open anything:

I would like this to be fixed please?

same thing with Path Traced…

Hi, I had this problem with Machinima as well: No audio in movie capture - Apps / Create - NVIDIA Developer Forums
I had to do it in a post process manner using an external tool to embed the sound. As much as I would like it to be, I think at this moment we still can’t use OV as a one stop tool for creation.

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Yes, thats how it looks like now. What we are doing is we seek a cheap application that combine wav file and mp4 file, and do that in cloud machine…