Rendering and resizing for tv screens (nvidia display) and a bug

Hi Nvidia driver developpers,

I need your assistance about this driver software problem :

On windows when you want to resize the computer or tv resolution you do this :

NVIDIA configuration panel

Set the size and position of the desktop

Select the display which must be modified


Activate the resizing of the desktop

Resize (button)

When you click on it you can configure everything fine on Windows

but why are you unable to do so on linux via nvidia-settings ?

I don’t like to guess the resolution when i want to use my tv screen instead of a computer screen,

and a tv screen is cheaper and two in one is the way :)

Even AMD is doing fine and has done this feature on their drivers since a while …

By the way there is still a loop after saving the file xorg.configuration

when you want to quit it ask again about applying changes to xorg.conf on driver 460.39 cuda version 11.2 ^^

A geforce 980 gtx user