Rendering multiple cameras one after another?

Hi all,

I know that I am recently flooding the forum with questions but I am working on rather important project of Archviz interior animation, we want to finish it very fast while pushing the Omniverse to the limits, using many of its features.

Can’t wait to show you the results!!! So far I am in love in Omniverse :)

Back to my question, I have create multiple cameras, is there any way to launch the Movie Capture and set them to render one after each other?

Kindest regards and have a great day!

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This kind of thing is possible in machinima, using the sequencer.
Just drag the cameras on sequencer one after another and render animation out as img seq.

But they need to fox this bug first…


Hi! I just did it using the Sequencer inside Create, works like a charm !
Thank you so much!

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Hurray! so glad to hear this dude :)

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